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  • What is Endowment Giving?

    Endowment gifts are planned gifts from the heart that advance the mission and ministries of Ankeny First. They have enduring impact because the funds are permanent and only earnings will be disbursed as described below. Endowments can be given by individuals who include Ankeny First in their estate planning or be directed by children or executors of estates working with parents or clients to leave an everlasting gift to our church.

    We invite our church members to sustain our future by remembering Ankeny First in a will or estate gift. Gifts can be cash, Certificates of Deposit, insurance policies, retirement funds, real estate, stocks, bonds, or other holdings that can be converted to money we deposit into the Endowment Fund. Our By-Laws require the fund distributions to be used in support of the following:

         Improvements or additions to buildings and grounds
         Christian Education programs, classes or scholarships
         Missions: local, state, national or international outreach
         Fine Arts: Music, Drama
         Staff Expansion

    Download or view our Endowment Fund brochure HERE. (last updated Oct. 2023)

  • How is the Endowment Fund administered?

    The Ankeny First Endowment Committee administers the Fund and the Iowa United Methodist Foundation (IUMF) manages the investments in the fund. The Committee meets quarterly to review investment performance. At the end of each calendar year, the Endowment Committee reviews requests and distributes a portion of the earnings. Over the last 5 years, nearly $60,000 has been awarded for important programs and services.

  • Resources from the Iowa United Methodist Foundation

    The IUMF is a charitable nonprofit that has been serving churches, organizations, individuals and families across Iowa for over 50 years. The Foundation also manages trust funds and estate gifts made by individuals for charitable purposes.

    The IUMF offers free Estate Planning services:  Our Gift to You | Iowa United Methodist Foundation (

    For information about Planned Giving options: Iowa United Methodist Church - Planned Giving Home (

    Learn about Wills and Bequests: Iowa United Methodist Church - Learn About Wills and Bequests (